Debora Bryant, LCSW


      spiritual counselor       

As human beings we all have the desire to live a life that reflects our unique talents and abilities, that  expresses our love in its many forms, that manifests truly meaningful, mature and loving relationships, and that is enjoyable, authentic and satisfying. 

However we can often find ourselves unhappy, anxious, unsatisfied, and stuck in frustrating negative patterns or beliefs that keep us from actualizing these natural human desires. Then, on

top of it, we often blame or judge ourselves and/or others, or think we are somehow lacking.

Our difficulty in living our potential fully is often due to the human limitations of those who raised us, and to the conditioning from a society that doesn’t always support our deepest human needs.  When  there is not enough of what we truly need to flourish, and/or when there is too much hurt and pain, we do our best, but often develop false negative self beliefs and defense and survival strategies that do not serve us later in life.  As part of the human condition, we all have some of this.

A good therapist is a guide who can help bring to awareness some of the often unconscious feelings and beliefs that keep these negative patterns in place. The therapeutic situation also offers an

‘in the moment’ opportunity to learn new behaviors and skills, and to experience oneself in new ways that can help expand and deepen one’s personal potential and happiness.