Debora Bryant, LCSW


      spiritual counselor       

-What does it mean to be truly free?

-Who am I at my deepest nature?

-How do I live from my essential spiritual being?

-What is it that gives life true meaning?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, spiritual inquiry sessions can help support the discovery and actualization of your deepest essential nature.

Debora has followed  the Diamond Approach as her spiritual path for over 18 years. It is a spiritual path that has been called by many one of the most profound spiritual paths of our day, one that truly integrates and works with both the practice of presence, and the understanding of how our psychological conditioning can separate us from Being.

The Diamond Approach is a spiritual path that allows each of us to actualize our personal potential as a unique expression of the universal and boundless nature of reality.

Supported by practices of meditation and self-remembrance, the central method of the teaching, inquiry, acknowledges and utilizes experiences of every day life as the gateways into Reality, into our True Nature.

By inquiring into our ordinary experience with presence, openness and sincere curiosity, we find that Reality reveals its beauty, richness and depth in a way that is alive, fulfilling and relevant to human life.

By attending to exactly where we are in each specific moment, each individual soul is encouraged to unfold and develop its hidden potentialities in its own timing and according to its inner intelligence.

Debora has completed 10 years in the teacher training process in the Diamond Approach, and is currently working with students in the final stages of her training.

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