Debora Bryant, LCSW


      spiritual counselor       

Debora specializes in helping individuals with issues of depression, grief, anxiety, self-esteem, body image, eating disorders, trauma, work/career and life balance.

She also helps clients develop mind/body/spirit wholeness and realize and actualize their personal potential in all areas of life.

In her extensive work with couples, Debora has successfully helped clients to break negative, unproductive interpersonal patterns, and to create and maintain authentic intimacy, improve communication, resolve conflicts maturely, and deepen their love.

She integrates the use of psychodynamic psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, brainspotting,  core-energetics, art therapy, mindfulness practices, somatic experiencing,  breath and awareness-focused bodywork, and spiritual counseling.

Gestalt Therapy- Gestalt is a form of psychotherapy that is very experientially  and “here and now”oriented. The understanding is that it is awareness and having new experiences that allows for healing and change.  The therapist helps to open the client’s self awareness, noticing and listening  together with the client to their feelings, behavior, body language, and ways of relating both in the “here and now” and in the patterns of their life situations.  Although the therapist uses understanding with the client of how past conditioning and family of origin issues have formed and affected their psyches, the focus is not on “analyzing” or allowing  clients to “stay in their heads” regarding this, but to set up opportunities to actively express, in the safety of the therapeutic situation, the needs and feelings from the past that may have had to be stifled or repressed. This can help the client to re-claim healthy parts of themselves, to complete “un-finished” business from the past, and to take in what is truly needed now to heal and live more fully.

Brainspotting , a new and highly effective trauma therapy, works by identifying, processing, and releasing core neurophysiological sources of trauma and emotional/body pain. A “brainspot” is an eye position that the therapist and client find together which correlates with a particular issue or trauma. It taps into the deep brain and the body, and provides direct access to the autonomic and limbic systems within the central nervous system. Biolateral sound is also used during the process(through headphones); It is deep and powerful, yet also soothing, focused and containing. It also helps to integrate the different capacities of the left and right brain. Brainspotting harnesses the brain/body/being’s capacity to release and heal painful emotions, maladaptive behaviors and survival strategies, and to reestablish healthy nervous system homeostasis and ease. Clients often report a profound sense of calm, peace, and clarity, following a session. There is often a sense of wonder in the process, and a deepening trust in one’s own inner guidance and ability to release previously frozen traumas, “stuck” issues, painful emotions, and various kinds of physical body pain, and to move toward a greater sense of health, wholeness, joy, love, and freedom.  Debora is a certified Brainspotting therapist.

Core-energetics- Core-energetics is a form of psychotherapy that uses the body’s energetic expressions, or lack thereof, as both a diagnostic tool, and as a means to understand and work through the problematic issues in a client’s life, as these are always reflected in the body. This helps to free the body/mind/spirit in a very direct and powerful way.