Debora L. Bryant, M.F.A., M.S.W., L.C.S.W.(Licensed Clinical Social Worker), has thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist, helping individuals and couples find their truest selves and live their human potential more fully.

She has extensive training in many treatment modalities that allow for an approach which is tailor made for each client. She provides an open, safe and compassionate atmosphere in which personal blocks and limitations can be worked through, freeing one’s essential nature and enabling one’s life to be more fulfilling, loving and creative.

Debora has followed her deep curiosity about the nature of human existence into a journey of ever unfolding spiritual discovery.  Following the Diamond Approach as her spiritual path for over 18 years, she integrates her understanding  in this area into how she works with others.  She has developed  in her presence various essential qualities of Being, such as compassion, clarity, wisdom, peace, and  love, that greatly support the process of therapeutic healing.

In addition, Debora is a visual artist with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and has shown her work in art galleries in NYC. She now greatly enjoys helping others to expand their own creative processes in all areas of life. She views psychotherapy as an art form which is open, fascinating, and creatively interactive.

She is also a nature lover, and outdoor sports and adventure enthusiast.


National Association of Clinical Social Workers

Boulder Psychotherapists’ Guild

Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute

Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy

              Debora Bryant, LCSW


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